How To Wax Your Eyebrows At Home

I get asked all the time about my eyebrows and where I get them done. While I am lucky to have thick, full brows (thank you Persian roots), they require a lot of matinence! I do mine at home and here’s how.

You’ll need:
  • Step One: Trim your brows

Like I said, I am Persian so my brows grow really fast! I start by using a spoolie to brush all the hairs up and I trim across the top with a pair of mini scissors. While you trim some hairs fall so I brush up and trim 2 or 3 times to make sure I don’t miss any hairs. Then, I do the same thing but brush the hairs down. This makes sure I won’t have any rogue hairs sticking out!
  • Step Two: Wax 

I have used these Sally Hansen wax strips for at least a couple of years now. I cut up the strips to the exact size that I need so I don’t waste any part of the strip. Simply rub it together in your hands to warm up the wax, stick it where you need and pull. I pull against the growth of my hair. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to pull with the direction of growth, but hey, you guys wanted to know how I do it!
I use these to clean up above, below, and the sides of my brows near my hairline. They really work so make sure you are only putting them exactly where you want the hair to be removed!
  • Step Three: Clean up
Lastly, I take a pair of tweezers, I have these ones and they work really well, and clean up any hair that the wax missed. If you are getting really close to your brow, use tweezers instead so you don’t accidentally wax a chunk that you’re not meaning to!
  • Step Four: De-stick your face 

The wax will leave a little residue so I clean this up by putting some olive oil on a cotton round and running it over my brows. It takes off any wax residue and makes your face feel moisturized and skin feel calm! You could probably use coconut oil or avocado oil too, although I’ve never tried it.
That’s it! I have to do this about every three weeks and pluck as needed in between. Its quick, easy, and you can get great results from home! Let me know if you try this out and what you think!
Until next time,

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