Easiest Way to Remove Eye Makeup

If you get out of the shower and have two black rings around your eyes from eye makeup that your cleanser didn’t get off then: 1) get a new cleanser because you shouldn’t have that much makeup left over (this one is my fave from Tula- use the code MADI15VIP for 15% off!) and 2) your totally normal because every girl has a little eye makeup residue left over after cleansing.

How do you get that little bit of makeup off? With an eye makeup remover? Well, that seems like a logical answer, but does anyone else have a thing against eye makeup remover? Because I certainly do. Taking the extra time to put it on a cotton ball, rub it over your eyes (without getting it in them), and ending up with two greasy eye balls seems like the worst way to remove anything ever. Instead, I use moisturizer and a tissue.

Try this: when your finished cleansing your skin and are doing your skincare routine, grab a pea size amount more moisturizer than normal. When your rubbing it on your face, rub a little tiny bit over both of your eyes, almost creating a super thin layer of moisturizer on them. DO NOT do this if you use any special kind of moisturizer (something medicated, scented, etc). This works best with a plain, mild moisturizer or lotion.

Next, grab a tissue and wipe the moisturizer away. When you do, your residue eye makeup will go with it! You may be worried about getting the lotion in your eyes, but I think this is so much easier because the lotion actually stays where you put it before wiping it away, unlike oily eye makeup remover that gets everywhere!

Watch this short video I made to see how it works:

This is also great to use on a q-tip if you just need to clean up the makeup under your eyes, or if you need to clean up some winged liner.

Am I the only person who does this? I honestly have no idea where I got it from, because my mom and older sister don’t do it, but this is something I have always, always done. Try it out and let me know if you like it!

Until next time!




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