Powder Dip Nails: Everything You Need To Know

I am SO picky about my nails. One bump, scratch or chip in my manicure and that thing is good as gone so I can start over. Shellac? I will peel it off. A regular mani? I give it two days. Powder dip nails have changed the mani game for me and it will for you too! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Yes, they are actually dipping your nails in powder! What they do is paint on what looks like clear polish and smells like glue that you’d get from those fake nail sets at the drug store. Then, they take your finger and dip it into the powder. They do this two or three times with the color you want plus the base and top “coat” aka a white powder that I can only assume seals everything together. It dries almost instantly and then they will file it down and paint on a top coat to give it a nice glossy finish!
  • It is about the same thickness as shellac but much stronger and harder. It feels like fake acrylic nails on your real nails, although you can definitely get fake tips added on and then do the dip powder over, if you are going for a longer look. I just get the dip on my real nails.
  • It lasts 2 weeks at a minimum and can go much longer and still look amazing!
  • They take it off just like shellac- with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and foil wrapped around your finger.
  • They have tons of color options depending on where you go, and the powder color will not stain your skin!
  • It is about the same price as shellac and takes about 45 minutes- my place charges $35 dollars.

I seriously love getting these manicures, they have helped me grow my nails out (one of my new years resolutions) and give me great looking nails for much longer than a regular mani. I would highly recommend trying it out!

*These colors are 49 and 50 from Kiara Sky


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