First Glossier Experience

As most of you know last week I was in California for a little vacation! My dad’s entire side of the family and my brother and his girlfriend live all over LA so I try to get out there at least once a year to see everyone. This time I went during the week, so while family was working during the day I had a little bit of time to myself to explore LA. One of the things on my list was to shop around on Melrose because the Glossier store was there.

Where Do I Even Begin?  

When you walk up to the store it has a giant window looking into the store with green shrubbery all over the walls. A lady stands outside wearing a light pink painters outfit and greets you. When you walk into the store the entire thing is light pink- the walls, the counters, and a lot of the products.

The whole store is very simple; all that sits on the counters is the samples of each product. They are laid out nicely, clearly labeled with name and price, and there are tons of disposable applicators, makeup removers, cotton pads sitting out for you to use to try stuff on and clean it off.

There was music playing, tons of women playing with makeup and taking pictures all around the room, and overall was just a really fun atmosphere.

Trendy AF

I walked around the entire room three times. The first time was to get a feel for all the products and what all they had, because I have never used anything by Glossier before. The next time I dove right in and started trying everything- lipsticks, skincare on the back of my hand, brow products, etc. And the last time was so that I could take pictures of how cute everything was!

What Products Did You Try?

What products didn’t I try? I used their ever popular Boy Brow in the dark brown shade and was extremely impressed. I used some of their cleanser on the back of my hand and fell totally in love. I used some of the Cloud Paint in the color “Dawn” on my lips. It was so funny because another girl in the store came up to me while I was applying it and told me that they are created to be cream blushes, and here I was applying it all over my lips! It worked really well though and I’m all about multi-use products!

I sampled and read about all their serums. I applied some of their gloss over my Cloud Paint lips, and I tried some of their Balm Dotcom (cutest lip balm name ever) on the back of my hand. Lastly I tried some of their perfume and I’m having some serious regrets about not buying it! I honestly would have bought every single product because not one of them disappointed.


Customer Service

When it finally came time to buy some of the awesome products I had been trying, I was a little confused. This isn’t like other makeup stores where directly behind the sample is the product for you to grab, and there isn’t a checkout area in the back. The entire room is just samples. I walked up to one of the several employees wearing their cute light-pink painters jumpsuits, and told her I was ready to buy some stuff. She pulled out and iPad, added everything I wanted, and swiped my card. I was checked out within 30 seconds; it was so simple! You may be wondering how I got the actual products if there weren’t any around, because I was too. She told me where to wait and that my name would be called when my order was ready.

While I waited we had a little photo op, because like I said I was by myself, but she was all about helping me get a great picture. Within 5 minutes of waiting another employee came out, carrying the cutest reusable Glossier bag, called my name, and my order was adorably packaged inside.

What did you buy?!

I bought the small version of the Jelly Cleanser. I would have bought the large but I only had a carry on for the ride home and the mini was only $9. I also got their serum that was made for breakout prone skin, which feels amazing on and is so lightweight. I put it on at night before bed and in the morning and it works perfectly under makeup. I also bought the Boy Brow for my brother’s girlfriend, Amanda. My makeup drawer is slightly overflowing right now, so I didn’t buy any of the makeup but I definitely will in the future. And like I said.. still regret not getting that perfume…

What’s the Point?

Y’all probably think I’m totally crazy for writing an entire blog post about a makeup store and that might be true but here’s the point! Glossier has done something so unique here that I wanted to give credit to. I personally have never had a shopping experience like this and it was so much fun for me. I was completely alone, expecting to walk in and spend maybe 20 minutes shopping for some products, grab my stuff and leave. Instead I walked into one big party. Women were playing with makeup and talking to one another as complete strangers, taking pictures, and just enjoying themselves. It was so fun and unique and I think everyone would enjoy the experience whether you love makeup as much as me or don’t even wear any. Next time you are in LA (I think they have an NYC location too) I would 100% recommend you go!

Hope you guys enjoyed- until next time!




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