2018 Fashion Trends with VICI

99.9% of the time I will choose to spend my money on makeup and beauty products rather than clothes and accessories. But evvvvvvvery now and then the trends are too good to pass up and I do a major closet update. After seeing the new collection Vici just launched, I’m thinking that update is going to come sooner rather than later…

*Note- All of these items are from Vici Collection and all are linked! Click on the photos to shop!

  1. Jumpsuits
    These have been everywhere lately and I am a fan! They make you look so long and slim and can be dressed up or down! I am ob-freaking-sessed with this blue striped one. & with the pockets?! Doesn’t get any cuter.
  2. Flared pants
    I have seen several cute pairs of these flared pants lately. They usually have some cool pattern and are a soft, flowy material. I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing some the other day and have been obsessed ever since! These ones from Vici would be perfect on a beach vacation night out!
  3.  Geometric Shapes with Cut Outs
    This season everything is a lot more structured. In the case of this jumper, you can see it has some flow but its also got that boxy-look. I love this trend- more structured stuff gives a business-y vibe but the cut outs keep it young and different.
  4. Front Tie Tops
    This one is dressier and would be perfect for a night out, but I have also seen some really cute front tie thermals that I love!
  5. Moto Leggings
    These have been on trend for a few seasons but I think its safe to say they’re going to stick around. The olive green trend can stay with them!
  6. Crawler earrings
    I can’t get enough of earrings like this. They are so much more fun than your classic studs without being over the top or dressing up an outfit too much!
  7. Off the shoulder tops 
    Will this ever go out of style? Off the shoulder is such a feminine, pretty look. It can be the most simple shirt ever, but if its off the shoulder it automatically gives that “I tried, but not that hard” vibe, and I’m all about that!
  8. Lace Cami’s
    Another look that is so delicate and feminine. These look so pretty on their own, under a big chunky sweater, or under a structured blazer. Versatility like that is so important to have in your closet!
  9. Big, fuzzy jackets 
    We are heading into a warm season, but these huge fuzzy or foe-fur jackets are around to stay. Personally, I can never have enough jackets, so this is a trend I am happy about.
  10. Dusty Rose/ Soft Pinks
    I want soft pinks in my wardrobe, accessories, and home. I can’t get enough of this shade and it doesn’t seem like anyone else can either! Another trend that is so soft and feminine. Love!

Hope you guys enjoyed!





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