2018 Swim Guide

If you are a college student with spring break around the corner or just have a tropical vacation coming up, I AM SO JEALOUS. I have zero trips planned for the next several months because I’m so used to working all summer long! Regardless, I still find myself online shopping for swimwear because I love seeing all the new styles from season to season. Here are my 2018 picks!

One pieces are all the rage now. This one has an adorable low back detail with vertical stripes which are so flattering. It’s also by Billabong so it has that sporty, beach girl vibe.

This bikini is so simple and cute but I am especially loving this color! Its the perfect compliment to a nice tan.

This pink ruffle top is so girly and looks like it would be so flattering on! Also this baby pink would look great on any skin tone!


This top is so simple but I have had my eye on it forever! I love the thin spaghetti straps and you could wear it with any bottoms you want!

Gingham everything, please.

I’m a big fan of these triangle tops with the extra wrap detail. They are so flattering and give a simple bikini that extra something!


If I’m in a swimsuit, chances are I’m trying to get a tan. In which case, I would not choose the swimsuit above ^. BUT, if you are on spring break or already have a nice tan and want a cute swimsuit, I am loving the off the shoulder look. They are sporty cute and different from any other bikinis I’ve seen!

How cute is the embroidery on this bikini from PacSun?

So into these tropical greenery patterns! Also, I have yet to try a high waisted swimsuit because I usually don’t like the way they look but this one is adorable!


What are you loving for the 2018 swim season? I usually like to get simpler bikinis that will last from year to year, but I might have to break out my wallet for some of these; the swimsuits this year are adorable!

Thanks for reading, y’all! See you next time!






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