Baby swing – we had a hand-me-down swing from my sister that isn’t available anymore. Also tried the Mamaroo but Fletchy didn’t like it (nor did most of the other babies I’ve known – FYI)

Play mat – we didn’t get this play mat for Fletch but I will definitely buy for the next.

Baby carrier – you do not need to pay this much for a baby carrier but this is the one that I had and I LOVED it

Snuggle me – we didn’t use this as much as I thought we would but I am glad we had it!

Muslin blankets – you can’t have too many of these! I used them as a breastfeeding cover, burp cloth, and blanket.

Baby Bjorn bouncer – worth. every. penny.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair – we used this allllll the time once it was safe (when they can hold their head up on their own)

Baby dome – great to have for summertime!

Baby blanket  – this was the first purchase I made for Fletch when I was pregnant! We love this blanket but this one is a great dupe from Amazon for half the price that we also love!

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