I’m Done With Invisalign!

You guys, I did it! Gosh this post is so exciting to write because 10 months ago it seemed so far away! As you probably know if you are reading this, I started my journey with Invisalign last March with an amazing orthodontist here in Colorado, i-Orthodontics. I finished my treatment nine months later, in December, and wanted to give you all a little recap of how my treatment went and how you move forward after having Invisalign.

How was my treatment:

Honestly, amazing. Finally deciding to pull the trigger and get Invisalign after years of wanting it turned out even better than I could have imagined. I absolutely loved Dr. I and the entire i-Orthodonics team and I felt like my treatment was in great hands. My biggest advice to anyone wanting to get Invisalign is find a great orthodontist that you TRUST (don’t let anyone mess with your teeth that you’re unsure about!) and COMMIT to the trays. Wear them constantly, take good care of them, and change them as instructed. Invisalign won’t work if you aren’t wearing your trays, and while it isn’t always easy or convenient, it is so WORTH IT. I was originally supposed to have my trays for a year, and ended up getting them off three months early because I wore them so often and used my chewy sticks regularly.

What now?

Now that I am done with the trays that move my teeth, I have several retainers to last me, well, forever! I will wear my retainers all day everyday for the next three months as if they were the aligners that move my teeth. This is to really get my teeth to hold in this new shape! After that, I only have to wear the retainers while sleeping and I’ll have a straight smile for the rest of my life!

My before and after might not look crazy different to all of you, but to me, the difference is insane. I look back at videos of me talking before I got Invisalign compared to now and I am blown away at the difference!

I am so. freaking. happy. with my smile and how my entire Invisalign treatment with i-Orthodontics went. If you are contemplating getting Invisalign, I cannot recommend it enough and I hope that all my posts and IGTV can be a resource for you in your decision! If you ever have any questions about the treatment, my experience, or i-Ortho, you can always reach out in my DM’s and I’m happy to provide any help I can!


Until next time!


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