If you’re reading this, the secret is out! I am pregnant with Hayden and I’s first baby and we could not be happier or more excited! Here’s the story of deciding to try for a baby and how we ended up finding out! Grab a snack, it’s a long one.

As most of you know Hayden and I had our big wedding celebration back in April! Our plan was to enjoy the summer together, take a European honeymoon at the end, and try for a family in the fall. For some back story, Hayden and I pretty much always wanted to start a family soon after getting married. Hayden famously coined the term: “I’m going to put a baby in that thing!” as he pointed to my belly about six years into our relationship. It was a huge joke amongst our family and friends because everyone knew how much we wanted kids. I wanted kids too, but I was pretty adamant about one last European adventure as a last hoorah before we settled down with a family. My famous phrase was “no Europe, no baby”.
We were living our best lives over the summer with our Europe trip on the books for September, but ultimately decided to cancel since Covid seemed to be rearing its ugly head again and we didn’t want a trip filled with stress and anxiety.
When we decided to ditch the Europe-first plan, no one was more surprised than us to see a positive test so soon. We are so, SO grateful that things worked out this way, but we did not expect it in the slightest. Before finding out, Hayden and I very *loosely* joked about if I was pregnant, neither of us thinking I actually was. My boobs grew almost immediately and contrary to my usual PMS symptoms, they hurt. Like really hurt. We joked about it being because I was pregnant but ultimately chalked it up to PMS symptoms being a little more intense now that I wasn’t on BC. Another time I remember Hayden was being a little shit (what else is new?) and I jokingly said “If I’m pregnant you’re gonna regret being so mean to me!” We both laughed that off and went on with our lives. I genuinely did not feel pregnant and I didn’t want to get my hopes up to be let down when it was so early on.
One morning I woke up around 6:30 to pee (something I never do, but had been doing all week… that should have been clue number one). I crawled back into bed and accidentally overslept. I woke up to pee again with a notification from my Flo app telling me I would start my period that day. I didn’t start, and I didn’t think it was super unusual (I previously had an IUD so I hadn’t had a period in years). I got one period when I got my IUD removed but that was the only time, so not starting on time didn’t alert me to anything as I thought my body was just adjusting. Nonetheless, I decided to do the responsible thing and take a test, mostly because it was a Friday and assuming it was negative I definitely planned on having a glass of wine that night.
I took the test and went on with my life almost forgetting I had even taken one. After some time had passed I noticed the test sitting on the floor and remembered that my results were probably ready. When I glanced down at that test and saw a “+” sign, I was in complete disbelief. I always thought when I took a positive pregnancy test that the line would be faint, I would barely be able to see it and I would kind of be expecting it. This test was undeniably positive and I was in complete shock. I called for Hayden who, poor thing, didn’t even know I was taking a test. I don’t even know why I called for him because in about half a second I had ran down the stairs to his office, held up the test and said “I’m fucking pregnant!!” As I said it I immediately started crying shocked-but-happy tears. Hayden’s jaw literally dropped to the floor and then he sprang into action, jumping up to come give me a hug. I cried and we laughed at how absolutely insane it was.
We took that day to ourselves, adjusting to the complete shock of it all. We were so happy and excited and just needed to process it. We talked about names, if it would be a boy or girl and the kind of parents we wanted to be but the whole thing still seemed like a hypothetical, like we were just daydreaming about the future like we always do. It was so crazy to keep snapping back to reality and realize that there was actually a baby in my belly! By the next morning we were more adjusted and knew we immediately wanted to tell our families, and that just made everything even sweeter (videos to come of their reactions!)
I took one more test the next day to make sure the lines got stronger and sure enough they did!
The day we found out seems like a lifetime ago and while I’m so much more used to being pregnant now (the morning sickness hasn’t really let me forget!) I still have moments where I just can’t believe it’s all happening! I am so excited to have a baby that’s all ours. Half me and half Hayden. Our new little best friend! The whole experience so far has been the happiest and most exciting of my life and I know that when the baby comes life is only going to get even better!

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