Invisalign Update

Wow, it’s crazy how fast 6 months can fly by! Last March I wrote my first post about starting my journey with Invisalign (find it here) and now I am already halfway through the treatment! Time flies when your having fun and achieving the smile of your dreams at the same time!

How It’s Going:

Honestly, amazing. The last 6 months were so fun seeing my smile change week by week and I didn’t have any problems with the retainers. They become so familiar that it almost feels strange not having them in? Some might disagree but for me it really hasn’t been earth shattering to pop them in and out throughout the day. I said it in my last post, but I am super diligent about wearing my aligners. This treatment is an investment in your smile and I definitely don’t want to take any shortcuts or have to repeat this process again. I am committed to wearing the aligners and it has worked out amazing so far!

The First Half of the Treatment:

For the first half of the treatment I got a six month supply of aligners that I would change out weekly. For me, I changed my aligners on Sunday night because it just made the most sense to me to start a new tray with the new week. A little pro tip is to put in brand new trays as night. The first time you put in new trays can be a little tight, sensitive and uncomfortable so if you put them in right before bed, it’s almost like you’re asleep while your teeth adjust.

Halfway Done:

After I finished the first six months of trays, I went in for a checkup. They took off the attachments I had on my teeth and rescanned them to see how they had adjusted so they could order my next set of trays. The new trays take about 4 weeks to come in, so in the meantime you wear some retainers that you get with your first set of trays. I was so excited at this appointment because Dr. I told me that I wouldn’t need to get anymore attachments for the next round of trays! The attachments they glue onto your teeth help the trays really grab on so they move more effectively; you often will get attachments on your most troublesome teeth. I had three attachments added for my first set of aligners  and while they weren’t a huge deal, they were slightly visible and just a little annoying. It was the best news hearing I wouldn’t need anymore!

The Second Half of the Treatment:

Four weeks later I went back into the office to pick up my last round of trays and at this appointment I got even better news! Instead of changing my trays weekly, I will start changing them every 5 days! Someone reading this who doesn’t wear Invisalign might be thinking “…so what?” but this is a huge deal because now my teeth will be done moving in DECEMBER! I can. not. wait! After that I believe I will wear my retainers all day for a short amount of time (3 months maybe? I will keep you guys updated!) and then just at night after that!

I am already loving my smile SO much and there are only minor changes left to be made! Luckily for me, Dr. I is a perfectionist like me and even though he knew my teeth already looked great and I was happy, he wanted them to be perfect. I cannot wait to see the finished thing!

Until next time!


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